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Cob Oven: A Making Of, in Photos

(TL;DR: photos of cob oven construction below / timelapse video / basic how-to guide) I visited my friend Dan Paluska in late August at Monkshood Farm and Nursery in Stuyvesant, NY.  Dan and I, apparently in parallel without knowing it, had both been looking into cob, that mysterious and alluring construction material that’s greener than anything […]

Cob Oven Proposal

Here is the rough proposal / guide I wrote that my friend Dan and I used to construct a cob oven.  Cob is basically an earthen mixture (clay, sand, water, straw or sawdust, with variations) that has been used for thousands of years as a construction material.  Mixed accordingly, it can have great thermal properties, […]


Band Over Boston

“They did this study. They isolated a group of people over time, and they monitored their abilities at crossword puzzles, right, in relation to the general population. And they secretly gave them a day-old crossword, one that had already been answered by thousands of other people, right. And their scores went up dramatically, like 20 […]

It’s a start

For a more complete experience, check out my Tumblr while I work on porting things over here and getting it all organized. http://wullz.tumblr.com Thanks