I’m a Southerner, transplanted in my formative years to the creative hotbed of Boston, now living in the little German city, Münster.

Detail-oriented and creative, I’m a freelancer with a copyeditor’s eye and a musician’s ear.

I studied drumming on a performance scholarship at Berklee College of Music and took classes on writing at Duke University, Boston University, and Emerson College. I worked in management and customer service while moonlighting as a member of numerous bands across many genres and developing my creative writing chops on the side.

Now, I apply my perfectionism to proofreading and copyediting the writing of others and translating various German texts to English, while remaining musically creative with projects from Berlin to Boston and teaching drums in and around Münster.

Curious? Click over to my editing section to get to know what I offer as a proofreader, editor, and translator, or the drumming section to see what I’ve done and what I’m up to as a musician.

And please feel free to get in touch about either!

Thanks for your visit!

Drumming Samples

I’ve been so fortunate over the last two decades to have created alongside some incredible musicians across a broad musical range. I thought I’d try to showcase a little of the range I’ve been able to explore here in this playlist. Enjoy.

Editing & Writing Services

I spent a long time writing and editing ideas of my own. Now I help iron out the ideas of others. Please click over to the editing section of my website for more details, but, in brief:


    Content and copyediting. Help with flow and readability, as well as errors and inconsistencies. From brief social media posts to books.


    Spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, style. Let my anal retentiveness work for you! Texts of any length.


    German-English translation, from social media posts to song lyrics to professional documents. Editing and proofreading of English text baked in.

The Latest

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Beauty Is the End Releases “Cherub Allies” and “Helplessly Hoping,” Thoughts on Pandemic Songwriting

Two new releases on the Beauty Is the End front, one, a decidedly dark and textural original, the other, a pensive and beautiful Crosby, Stills & Nash cover. "Cherub Allies" is the sister song to "The Glass Wall," released earlier this…

Regular productivity: Beauty is the End (formerly known as Body English), new music every month

It’s been around eight years since collaborator Clinton Degan and I stepped into Watch City Studios in Waltham, MA, to record basics for our debut album, Stories of Earth, to 16-track analog tape. The album didn’t yet have a name, nor even…

New music from my band in Berlin, Ahabs Linkes Bein

My band Ahabs Linkes Bein went to Notaufnahme Tonstudio in Muenster twice over the last year and cut a few tracks. Three of those have already been released: “100 Bier, “Walgesang,” and “Space Between the Raindrops.”     “Walgesang”…

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