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Beauty Is the End Releases “Cherub Allies” and “Helplessly Hoping,” Thoughts on Pandemic Songwriting

Two new releases on the Beauty Is the End front, one, a decidedly dark and textural original, the other, a pensive and beautiful Crosby, Stills & Nash cover. “Cherub Allies” is the sister song to “The Glass Wall,” released earlier this year. Where “The Glass Wall” had its focus turned outwards upon a post-capitalistic, xenophobic, […]

New music from my band in Berlin, Ahabs Linkes Bein

My band Ahabs Linkes Bein went to Notaufnahme Tonstudio in Muenster twice over the last year and cut a few tracks. Three of those have already been released: “100 Bier, “Walgesang,” and “Space Between the Raindrops.”     “Walgesang” and “Space Between” are opposites in some ways, the soft cloud of “Walgesang” a stark contrast to […]


There’s not much to say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said a million times, and in much more colorful language.     It’s February. 2021 is already well in swing. A heavy snow sits over everything outside and has all but paralyzed my little corner of the world, and Corona is keeping everyone more or […]


Been pretty bad about updating the blog section of this website, but I haven’t forgotten the media, discography and projects pages.  Take a look over there for an ever-current list of recent and upcoming productions.  I was in the studio a few times recently and am eagerly awaiting the release of a few exciting things, […]

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Shubangi (and Other Newness)

have been fortunate to be playing lots of different gigs lately, both on big stages and stages more intimate.  but I’ve been missing that feeling of producing something new, putting something down and letting it out into the world in a more permanent form. excited then to say that some newness is getting did.  and […]

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Spring 2017

Been pretty crap at posting updates, but I have kept up with the media pages in the meantime!  There are a couple new little video clips over there, both of jams and ideas as well as gigs. I guess I haven’t mentioned new projects – James & Black is a great soul/funk duo out of Texas who’ve been […]

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End of Summer Sum-Up

As the summer’s coming to a close, I thought I’d post a few more photos, for archiving’s sake, and remark on how fortunate I’ve felt about some things I’ve been able to be a part of.  From beautiful locations to new equipment to tour with friends to three weeks back home, it was a summer […]

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A Couple Pics from Paderborn

Had a great time playing with Shubangi in Paderborn at Libori Fest 2015!  We were well taken care of (I’ve found this to be a theme here in Germany!) and got to take the stage for around an hour and a half for a plaza full of people.  Good times.

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Adventures in Percussion

Got to play a really neat concert at the new-ish LWL Museum here in Muenster with the Musikhochschule Muenster percussion department a few days ago.  It was a “Student’s Night” there with apparently around 5,200 people attending, and the percussionists provided a lot of the music.  In the inner courtyard, we played a decent variety including a […]