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Efforts Towards Flexibility

I’m putting together a suitcase drumset.  Psyched about it.  This should allow me to take acoustic gigs and (very) small venue gigs without sacrificing the presence of a drumset for the sake of a cajon or some similar stand-in.  I’m not ragging on the cajon; I know those good with them can produce a lot […]

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Tonight on WDR

Radio broadcast: Shubangi‘s performance at Funkhaus Europa’s Tanz in den Mai concert will be aired tonight on Funkhaus Europa.  Our set will be played at around 11:30pm, after the amazing Razbar Ensemble’s set from the same show, broadcast at 11. More info and link to stream here (in German)

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Shubangi @ Funkhaus Europa’s Tanz in den Mai

It was an amazing time playing for the sold out crowd at Muelheim’s Ringlokschuppen!  And not just playing, but being a part of the event – they put together a great mix of music.  Saw some amazing bands that immediately went to my favorite live acts list, including Emicida and Bukahara. See video of Shubangi‘s “Schwerelos” […]


Tomorrow in Muehlheim with Shubangi

I’ve recently joined the live band for Shubangi, a very cool hip hop / electronic / dance group out of the Muenster, Germany area.  Things are sounding huge in the rehearsal room, and I’m excited for us to bring it to the stage tomorrow as a part of this great festival! More info on the […]


Das Studium

I’ve bid Boston adieu for the time being and started studying at the University of Münster Musikhochschule in northwest Germany.  Everything’s in German, so that’s been a bit of a trip, but it’s pretty wonderful.  Without getting too deep into it, because that’s not the original point of this post, I’m one of just five drumset […]

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A Couple New Songs

I’ve posted a couple more songs in the Media page.  They are unfinished Baby Made Rebel tracks, recorded in 2013 and not quite completed before we went on hiatus.  “The Standing” is much further along than “Untitled Single,” as may be apparent from the titles. “The Standing” started with a drum loop I recorded as part […]


“The other side of ‘it’s possible'”

I threw this up on Facebook a few weeks back and thought I would just post it up here, for posterity and future pep-talk usage.  It got a little more far-reaching than I intended, but so it goes.  I’ll just leave it as-posted. ———— I was entirely self taught on drums from when I got […]


Like Hossein Might Say

I’ve been spending time trying to finish an old screenplay, and in so doing I’ve read through a book by Brian Murphy called The Root of Wild Madder.  It chronicles the journalist’s dive into the world of Persian carpets, his passion leading him into a world in which he soon feels out of his depth, and […]


Master Class with Mariss Jansons

I just learned of this amazing Dutch TV film called “Master Class with Mariss Jansons.” The Latvian maestro takes three young, promising conductors and puts them in front of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to rehearse Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique and Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony.  Jansons then watches over them as they conduct run-throughs of the pieces, and […]