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Song Maps

I found an old song map notebook stuffed into my suitcase that I used early/middle last year for some projects.  The notes are for songs by Shoney Lamar & the Equal Rights, Mr. Kowalsky, School for Robots, and the as-yet untitled Clinton Degan project, scrawled roughly either while writing or learning them with the bands.  They include the usual […]

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One from the Archives

Grant of Electric Laser People just sent us all this old clip, and I thought I’d share it.  I hadn’t even put it on my media page.  The Cambridge scene cornerstone, All Asia, has since been leveled for new MIT facilities, so here’s to the fond memories. http://vimeo.com/3481705 I’m currently in Germany but some things […]


New Media

A couple things have come out in the time that I’ve been busy slacking on my blogging. I got to venture back into The Den in North Reading, home of the certified most laid-back recording sessions possible, and lair of Doug Batchelder, engineer and guitarist extraordinaire.  We cut a red-in-the-middle-rock arrangement of Jackson C. Frank’s […]

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Bill Dwyer Band at Harvard U’s Queen’s Head Pub, Highlights

The first collection of highlights from Bill Dwyer Band‘s first 3-hour night at Queen’s Head Pub has been posted on YouTube. The night was a blast, and there were too many highlights to choose from for one “reel,” so I’ll be putting together another selection for viewing at the end of the weekend or early next […]

Building a Standing Desk

I have some old shelving from my last apartment sitting around, and decided the other day to put some of it to work. Today, I cut one of the shelves up and screwed it back together in a different shape with exactly 0 planning, and now I can use my computer standing! I point out […]


Baby Made Rebel’s “Priority Seating” Now Online

Self recorded with Lance-dynamo at the helm, the album took a couple months of recording and mixing and many more of writing.  We hope you enjoy it.  Note we do have physical copies for order through Bandcamp.  Thanks for your time. Listen here: http://babymaderebel.bandcamp.com/album/priority-seating