I’ve been musically active for going on two decades now. I started playing noise rock during high school with a couple school friends in my parents’ attic, blasting the neighborhood from atop a hill in our suburb of Boston. We called ourselves Nash Lane. Boston’s gravitational pull soon lured us towards the city, and meanwhile, I hooked up with a screamo band further out west.

I suppose those early years of shuttling back and forth in my hand-me-down van were prescient: I’ve spent the two decades since playing on three continents in any genre I could get my hands on, from metal to reggae, singer-songwriter to ensemble classical percussion, indie rock to hip hop, new jazz to pop punk and beyond. I’ve been incredibly fortunate, and I’m still riding that wave of good fortune forward into new musical frontiers.

This is where I try to keep a record of everything I’ve been a part of and produced. I bring your attention once again to the drop down menus above, but here’s a brief word on and link to each section:

Here I’ve got a list of the projects I am or have been a part of, sorted roughly chronologically. These are both long-term bands/projects as well as substitute gigs/one-off jobs and sessions.

Also semi-chronological is the discography I’ve compiled here; I’ve tried to include just about everything I’ve ever put to tape, actual- or digital-. Much like in life, things degrade as they age; sorry if you come across a non-functional link. I try to check through every now and then and update them, but some things are sadly lost to time.

And, finally, here’s a list of videos of various performances, music videos, livestreams, rehearsal clips, etc.

Thanks for taking a look.