New projects awaiting web presence: The Grateful, Sir Boriatis II


beauty is the end || instagram || facebook

Ahabs Linkes Bein ||instagram || website|| facebook

The Neonorchestra (for Nicholas Müller’s “Zum Sterben zu viel” concert/talk series) || Nicholas Müller on Facebook

The Groove Invaders || instagram || facebook

Shubangi || facebook || bandcamp

Glass House (jazz trio) || website

Minimusiker (live band) || facebook || website

Yvi Wylde (live sub) || facebook

Mr. Kowalsky || website || facebook

Bill Dwyer Band (Europe live band) || facebook

past (but not strictly):

AzudemSK (live band) || website || facebook

James & Black (Germany/Netherlands support) || facebook

Bluespam || facebook

Bill Dwyer Band (US live band) || facebook

Baby Made Rebel || facebook || bandcamp

Shoney Lamar & the Equal Rights || bandcamp

School for Robots || website || facebook || bandcamp || soundcloud

Justin Shorey || bandcamp

Daybreaker || facebook || tumblr

Electric Laser People || blogspot || facebook || bandcamp

Kuuluuko || facebook || bandcamp

28 Degrees Taurus || facebook || bandcamp

No One’s Kind || myspace

Nash Lane || myspace

Postage 25 || myspace


Nicholas Mueller (live band) || on facebook

Esther and the Gang (Battle of the Gemeentebands Overijssel 2019 winners, Metropool Enschede)

Lokalrunde house band (recurring hip hop cypher)

Final Bachelor Concerts: Leon Würschinger, Simon Kempner, Alex Atzberger, Gerrit Nissen (live on Antenne Muenster), Melissa Nitschke

Body English “Stories of Earth” album (drums on all) || on facebook || on bandcamp

DopeBoyzMuzic (drums/percussion on a few beats) || on facebook

The Urban Turbans (live sub) || on facebook || on the web

Gin & Juice (live sub percussion) || on facebook

G and the Boyz (live sub drums/percussion) || on facebook

Beat Project: (set one on soundcloud) (set two on soundcloud)

Dylan Duncan “What to Keep and Let Go” || on the web

Daniel Tortoledo “According to Somebody’s Mind” || on soundcloud || on myspace

School for Robots Song a Week Project: “Rapture Paradise” (on soundcloud) || “Curtains for Cullis” improvised jam (on soundcloud)

13 Millas de Libertad “Tamagringo” (audio recording, not video) || on youtube

Detached Protector “Filling the Void” || (on bandcamp)

Mike Bhaiya “So Bright” (DJ Green Lantern presents Mike Bhaiya) || on bandcamp

The Champagne of Bands (with Brendan Boogie, Tad McKitterick, Duncan Wilder Johnson and Bo Barringer) || youtube playlist