Beauty is the End – White Knuckle Dress LP (2021)
prog / theatrical rock

Beauty is the End – “Cherub Allies” single (2021)
prog / theatrical rock

Ahabs Linkes Bein – “Zweifel,” “Fick das System,” “Mundpropaganda” singles (2021)
German-language indie folk / rock

(All credits are for drumset unless otherwise noted)

M. W. Degan – “Terraforming” single (2021) watch listen

Ahabs Linkes Bein – “Space Between the Raindrops” single (2020) listen
indie rock

Ahabs Linkes Bein – “Walgesang” single (2020) listen
German-language indie rock

Beauty is the End – “Going to a Town” single/cover (2020) listen watch
rock cover

Ahabs Linkes Bein – “100 Bier” single (2020) listen
German-language indie rock

Alex Rosenhof – Flow (2019) (drums on “Home,” “Nowadays”) listen
prog rock

Daniel Tortoledo – Throughout These Years (2019) (drums on “Spare Time,” “You Can’t Have it All,” “Dark Times”) listen
singer songwriter / classic rock
*recorded 2009

Alex Rosenhof – “A Sleepless Night” single (2018) watch
prog rock

Shubangi – Halt Dich Fest EP (2017) listen

Body English – Stories of Earth (2015) listen
indie prog rock / prog-folk
recorded 2013

Bill Dwyer Band – Renaissance After Sundown (drums on “Bartender Song”) (2015) cd baby || bartender’s song single
rock and roll
recorded 2013

School for Robots – “Midnight Troglodytes” single (unfinished) (2015)  listen to an unfinished mix
indie rock
recorded 2013

Baby Made Rebel – Untitled Single (unfinished) (2013) listen to an unfinished mix
indie rock

Baby Made Rebel – “The Standing” single (unfinished) (2013) listen to an unfinished mix
indie rock

Bill Dwyer Band – “Blues Runs the Game” single (2013)  listen
rock and roll

School for Robots – “Megaf^@%!ng Man” single (percussion) (2013)  listen
indie rock

Peck – “Permanent Impermanent” single (percussion/beat writing) (2013)  listen
indie rock

28 Degrees Taurus – Mirrors & Gates (drums on “Vast Majestic” and “Dark Fires”) (2013)  listen
psychedelic rock

28 Degrees Taurus – “Vast Majestic single/mini-e.p.” EP (2013)  listen
psychedelic rock

Baby Made Rebel – Priority Seating (2012)  listen
indie rock

Mr. Kowalsky – Johnny’s Bazooka (drums on “Perdido en Bangkok,” “Niños Armados,” “Hossegor,” and “Chemical Reaction”) (2012)  listen
indie rock / ska

Bill Dwyer Band – “Long As I Can See the Light” single (2012)  listen
classic rock cover

School For Robots – No Prancing Required (drums on “Rapture Paradise”) (2012)  listen
garage / indie / blues rock

Baby Made Rebel – “Envy” single (2012)  listen
indie rock

School for Robots – “Curtains for Cullis” improvised jam (2012)  listen
improvised / space / psych / groove jam

Justin Shorey – “Hot Time Cold Town” single (2012)  listen
singer-songwriter / funk / folk

School for Robots – “Rapture Paradise” single (2012)  listen
garage / blues rock

Daybreaker – Split 7″ with The American Scene (“We’re Still Singing” and “Sleep Well Angel”) (2011)  listen || “We’re Still Singing” | “Sleep Well Angel”
pop punk / rock

Detached Protector – Filling the Void (2011)  listen
metal / instrumental

Kuuluuko – Easy Things (2011)  listen
blues rock duo

13 Millas de Libertad – “Tamagringo” single (2011)  watch
ska / indie rock

28 Degrees Taurus – Live On the Town with Mikey Dee (unreleased) (available on request) (2011)
psych rock / shoegaze

Mike Bhaiya – “So Bright” single from “DJ Green Lantern presents: Mike Bhaiya” (2011)  listen
hip hop

Kuuluuko – Sweet Pea (2010)  listen
blues rock duo

Dylan Duncan – What to Keep and Let Go (2010)  listen

Daniel Tortoledo – According to Somebody’s Mind (drums on “Spare Time,” “You Can’t Have it All,” “Dark Times”) (2009)  listen
singer-songwriter / rock / classic rock

Electric Laser People – “CDIA EP” (2009)  watch “This Modern World”
funk / disco / rock

Kuuluuko – Have You Heard? (2009)
blues rock duo

Nash Lane – Ask an Astronaut (unreleased) (recorded 2007-08)
noise / art-rock

No One’s Kind – As You Wish (unreleased) (recorded 2007)  listen to unmixed masters
metal / hard rock

No One’s Kind – “Sign of the Tides” single (2007)  listen
metal / hard rock

Postage 25 – “Jenny EP” (2006)  listen
indie rock

Nash Lane – Have A Nice Day (2006)  listen
noise / art / indie rock

No One’s Kind – The Art of Breathing Underwater (2005)  listen
metal / hard rock 

Nash Lane – Aldous Huxtable (2004)  listen
hard rock / noise-rock


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