With so many options constantly buzzing for our attention,

we make decisions and judgments more quickly than ever. Whether to work with this person, check out that band, read this magazine, buy that product… in the crowded virtual city that is the internet, first impressions are crucial.

I believe the written word is one of those key first impressions. An email riddled with typos, an underwhelming product page, or a confusing press release all signal unprofessionalism and send a potential partner or customer on to the next in line. After all, if you can’t be bothered to pitch your product or service cleanly, what does it say about your product?

Although I seek perfection in my texts and editing work, and even enjoy hunting down things like grammatical mistakes and formal irregularities—and fully accept being a weirdo—I also recognize that language is malleable, and voice is king. Much like in music, “technically correct” is not always engaging.

I therefore offer not only proofreading and correction, but also content and copyediting, with an eye on the goal of a text, how you want to sound, what you want to achieve.

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Purpose, structure, flow, and readability: I’ve got my eye on both the macro- and micro-considerations

Heavy or light, content or copyediting; an overhaul or a final proofread

Simple and functional? Casual and colloquial? Abstract? I’ll follow your style, or we’ll find it together

My love of words means that when applicable, I’ll be looking for improvement, not mere functionality

Request from me tracked changes, a write-up with suggestions, or even a conversation by phone or video chat

Thorough communication


Spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, typos, formatting, style, language usage

Flexible workflow: Request from me a scan with proofreading markup, tracked changes, or simply a corrected document

Opinionated but flexible: Happy to correct by my standards and share my thoughts, or adapt to fit your style

Highly detail-oriented, responsible, and communicative


German to English, and perhaps the reverse, depending on document complexity

Creative writing background helps me make the right choice, rather than the easy one

Good communication; tendency to clarify on what you want to say, rather than to assume it

English editing and proofreading services baked in


Editing Sample

A touching social media post by photographer Danny Kötter about his father, recently passed (have tissues at hand)

Translation Sample

“Hey Hear It Too” by Minimusiker, lyrics translated from German in cooperation with Tonies
(We’re now translating their whole album, “Lieder fuer dich!”)

Translation Sample

A German transcription and English translation of a speech by German jazz musician, Till Brönner, about the state of entertainment workers in Germany during the Corona crisis