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MR. KOWALSKY presents: ̈Everybody nice! ̈ the new album

Mr.Kowalsky’s forth studio album “EVERYBODY NICE” was recorded in studios in Los Angeles, Boston,
Paris, and Kingston, Jamaica, between April 2018 to April 2020.

The new album is the volume II of the Surf Rock Reggae released in 2015 and has a big influence of ska
and reggae music and its sub-genres like Rocksteady, Lovers rock, Reggae Roots with a touch of Surf
and latin music, in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French.

In 2019 and early 2020, Mr. Kowalsky released the album’s first three singles of “EVERYBODY NICE”
called “California to Kingston,” “Palmera,” and “Jack’s Hill.” These 3 singles released have their music

Mr. Kowalsky’s new album also features the talents of Greg Lee (Hepcat), Vin Gordon (Skatalites, the
Wailers, and Studio One session musician), Jamila Falak (from Jamaica), The Doped up Dollies (from
Boston) among other guest musicians.

12 New tracks that you should listen!

Tales of the Caribbean
California to Kingston
Rude boys n’ girls
Mon cœur four
Toda la noche
Jack’s Hill
¿A dónde vas?
Breda killing Breda
Sunset awaits ( acoustic version )

“Everybody nice!” Download and streaming available in all the platforms.


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November 14, 2020

Costa Rican-born, Paris-based musician Mr. Kowalsky presents his fourth album: “Everybody Nice!”

PARIS, FRANCE Set for release on December 4, 2020 is “Everybody Nice,” recorded in studios in Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, and Kingston, Jamaica, and featuring guest musicians such as Greg Lee (Hepcat), Vin Gordon (Skatalites, Wailers, Studio One session musician), Jamaica’s Jamila Falak, and Boston’s The Doped Up Dollies.

“Everybody Nice” is the follow-up to 2015’s “Surf Rock Reggae,” sharing its ska and reggae influences, notes of rocksteady, lovers rock, and reggae roots, and its touches of surf and Latin music.  It features an expanded creative team and even more confidence in its musical blend.  The twelve songs are in English, Spanish, and French, and are loaded with the “pura vida” motto and positive vibes Mr. Kowalsky brings with him everywhere.

Mr. Kowalsky said of the guest musicians: “I’m so thankful to all of them for giving my songs their own very special and unique feeling – Greg and his characteristic deep voice is the special hot sauce in ‘California to Kingston’; Vin and his magical trombone gave ‘Jack’s Hill’ the vintage sound of the 60’s that I was looking for; Jamila was a great surprise and with her powerful voice she is the sweet complement ‘Breda Killing Breda’ needed; and The Doped up Dollies gave just the right chorus and beautiful vocal textures to ‘Rude Boys and Girls.’  It was spectacular to work with them!”

The album took four years from first demos to completed masters and involved other creative team members from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to LA to Germany.

“Going to studios and coordinating with musicians in different countries was a great experience, but a logistical challenge,” said Mr. Kowalsky, “and I’m sure that without the mystical vibes and the alignment of the planets on our side, it would have never happened!  I give thanks to the amazing crew of engineers, musicians and friends who helped me realize this new album.  I’m more than happy about the resulting record and what we have achieved.”

In 2019 and early 2020, Mr. Kowalsky released the album’s first three singles and music videos: “California to Kingston,” “Palmera,” and “Jack’s Hill.”