My band Ahabs Linkes Bein went to Notaufnahme Tonstudio in Muenster twice over the last year and cut a few tracks. Three of those have already been released: “100 Bier, “Walgesang,” and “Space Between the Raindrops.”

    “Walgesang” and “Space Between” are opposites in some ways, the soft cloud of “Walgesang” a stark contrast to “Space Between’s” restlessness and drunken mercuriality. Come to think of it, that trifecta with “100 Bier” creates a pretty good picture of the range we’ve been exploring between comforting and less accommodating atmospheres, pop hooks and raw growls; or, to reach for a metaphor more fitting, smooth sailing and stormy seas.

    We’re working on another couple songs: “Zweifel,” also recorded during the Notaufnahme sessions, as well as the self-recorded “Mundpropaganda.” “Zweifel” explores a sandy, windswept atmosphere (with a form based in 13/8, for the music nerds!), while “Mundpropaganda” hems closer to “100 Bier” aesthetically, and is one of my favorite songs of ours.

    We’re also participating in the “Cover Challenge” by the Regionale Kueche and are working on two covers of other Berlin-based bands. More on that soon…

    Stay tuned on our Instagram and Spotify pages to catch those releases!